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grant submission

For BWH Department of Surgery investigators interested in submitting grant applications, click here to start your submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre - Award

I missed the internal review deadline; how can I get an exception?

Please reach out to Jamie Fu, Senior Administrative Director ( for an exception. Strong justification is required for approval.

Who is the Authorized Business Official (ABO)?

The ABO for new proposals and Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) is a pre-award grants contact at Partners Research Management (RM) assigned to the Department of Surgery (DOS). The ABO for billing agreements is a post-award grants contact at Partners RM assigned to DOS. Contact your assigned DOS Grants Administrator to confirm. Please note that DOS grants team members are not allowed to sign as the ABO.

What types of submissions require internal DOS and Partners review?

Anything that requires signature from the ABO will require institutional review. Internal grant submissions (Brigham Research Institute, Stepping Strong, etc.) do not require review and Principal Investigators (PI) may submit applications directly to the sponsor.

I am applying for a grant where the sponsor does not cover fringe benefits and/or indirect costs; will the Department cover the delta if awarded?

Per DOS policy, the PI must cover the fringe benefits and/or indirect costs (minimum 15%) with his/her own sundry funds. If the PI does not have available sundry funds, then the mentor and/or Division Chief is responsible for covering from a sundry or BWPO (Brigham & Women’s Physicians’ Organization) fund. Hospital cost centers are not allowed. If you are a graduate student, post-doc, or early stage/young investigator, there may be exceptions; contact your Grants Administrator for details.

Are there online tools for searching for funding opportunities?

Yes. There are multiple online databases that will help you in your search for funding opportunities. Please see the Pre-Award Funding Resources page for more details.

Post - Award

How do I access my research start-up funds?

Please reach out to your Grants Administrator who will create a new sundry fund for spending. Your signature will be required on the forms and in Insight. The minimum required to open a new sundry fund is $25,000. If your start-up funds are less than $25,000 your Grants Administrator will work with you how to access your funds.

Indirect Costs

What are the components of the BWH Facilities & Administrative (F&A) rate?

The Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rate is a federally-negotiated rate split into two segments. Facilities include costs related to buildings and equipment like leases, mortgages, depreciation, maintenance, utilities, and housekeeping. Administrative costs include general administration, departmental administration, and sponsored project funding, e.g. grants management, IRB, IT, legal, and human resources.

What is the difference between on-site indirect cost (IDC) rate 79% and off-site IDC rate 29%?

On-site refers to space designated for research purposes. This may include some clinical research and trials performed in research space. If the work will be primarily performed in “on-site” research space, then 79% should be used in proposal budget. Generally, Thorn research building, OBC-2 and 3, EBRC building (221 Longwood), and MIT 65 Lansdowne are considered “on-site.”

Why is my sundry or start-up fund subject to 15% indirect costs?

All gifts and sundry funds (including research start-ups) are subject to the F&A rules under the Partners Sundry Fund Policy.


How can I obtain a purchasing/corporate card for lab supplies purchases?

At the moment, DOS does not allow new corporate or purchasing credit cards for any PIs. All ordering for research supplies should go through eBuy in PeopleSoft. PIs and lab staff should register for Partners training to get eBuy access. Please also reach out to Jan Rounds for more information on specific suppliers, i.e. Airgas orders may be charged directly to your fund/cost center. Urgent items or items from vendors not in PeopleSoft may be purchased through your personal credit card and then reimbursed afterward.

What is the process of purchasing gift cards for study participants on sponsored or non-sponsored funds?

Gift cards should only be purchased via Forte Payments or a purchasing/corporate card, and not through an individual’s personal credit card. When reconciling gift card expense on a corporate card, be sure to include the completed Gift Card Log as back-up documentation.

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