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Start-Up Funds Policy and Process

In some cases, a faculty/PI will receive start-up funds in his/her offer letter. These funds are to support research projects … etc.


PIs will receive the first year automatically at start date; subsequent years of funding are contingent upon research progress of prior year – to be reviewed/approved by DoS Research Committee. The progress report should include information such as publications, amount spent, accomplishments, updated data, spending plan/budget justification for next year, etc. Note: there is a 15% automatic indirect costs on the dollar amount. If there are unspent funds at the end of the period, then they are expired and must be returned to the department.


If research start-up funds are promised in the offer letter, then the process begins around the PI’s start date.

Partners Research Proposal Coversheet: click here <link>

New Sundry Request Form: click here <link>

Journal Entry Excel Form: click here <link>

  1. Jamie or DA will forward copy [of research section] of offer letter to assigned Grants Administrator/Manager.
  2. Grants Administrator/Manager to complete the new research sundry form and proposal coversheet.
    1. Requires PI’s and Dr. Doherty’s signatures.
    2. Fund title: [PI Last Name] Research Start-Up Fund.
  3. Grants Administrator/Manager to confirm with Lisa Vespa (BWPO), Phil Roberts (DoS Executive Administrator), and Jamie Fu (DoS Sr. Administrative Director of Research) about using Doherty sundry fund 017884 as the funding source (this is funded by BWPO on the back-end).
  4. Grants Administrator/Manager to create new agreement in Insight.
    1. New PI will need Partners login to sign-off in Insight .
  5. Once new sundry fund # is established, Grants Administrator/Manager to process journal entry/revenue transfer of first year $ amount.
    1. Use this description: Account code: 795100 = “transfers w/in fund source-other”
      1. Debit 2200 795100 017884   [PI Last Name] YR1 T XXXXXX
      2. Credit 2200 795100 XXXXXX  [PI Last Name] YR1 F 017884
    2. Send copy of transfer to Lisa Vespa.
grant submission

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